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ZEDventures partners with leading organizations to help them unlock the insightful and predictive value of their data

We bring expertise of implementing large-scale Enterprise solutions, to help integrate
the right data sources, streams, and systems to enable the data-driven enterprise.

Decision Science & Analytics

Organizations gain a competitive advantage when they can increase the sophistication of their BI applications. One way to achieve this is to move beyond basic historical reporting and evolve to strategic, predictive analytics and alerts that help anticipate the likelihood of a future event, such as customer churn.

Infrastructure Management

As data sizes grow to Exabyte volumes, traditional enterprise infrastructure is insufficient to store and manage such sizes. ZEDventures brings a partner-driven approach to infrastructure management helping our clients implement the following:

We assist client organizations implement powerful Big Data infrastructure platforms that leverage new parallelized processing, commodity hardware, open source software, and tools to capture and analyze new data sets and deliver a price/performance ratio that is typically far superior to that delivered by current Database/Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence Systems.

Data Management

Following the implementation of a powerful Big Data infrastructure, ZEDventures brings our Data Management Practitioners to help enterprises with a comprehensive portfolio of Enterprise Data Management services that includes:

Insights and Actions

ZED’s Data Visualization Services can help you identify insights that are essential to understanding true costs, utilization rates, care quality, and accessibility for more efficient and effective program performance. When visualized in an attractive and comprehensive manner, your data can communicate a “story” that can help your organization perceive trends better, make sound decisions, optimize your business processes, and achieve better results.

ZenOptics is an innovative platform that empowers business users to access and organize information and content from disparate systems and technologies into intuitive, business-function oriented views with workflows and guided navigation that drive business analytics and insights into actions.

It empowers your team to access and organize content from disparate reporting and document management systems and technologies into intuitive, decision-focused views.

ZEDventures is a leading provider of big data, decision science, analytics, visualization, mobility services and delivering high-value enterprise application solutions to leading mid-size and Fortune 500 companies.